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Ja Ronn Thompson, an Oakland, California-native is a seasoned gospel, R&B, classical, and jazz performer and instructor. As a teen, he began singing in church mentored by relative, vocalist, and Director of The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, Terrance Kelly. He obtained the opportunities to study privately with renowned vocal greats, Janice Maxie Reid and the incomparable Allowyn Price.

He has directed various gospel choirs and vocal ensembles, facilitating workshops around the world in locations such as Costa Rica, Africa, and Ireland. He is founder and director of the San Francisco State University Gospel Choir and Executive Director of the associated Gospel Gators organization, and esteemed vocal ensemble Ja Ronn & FLOW. In addition to these, Ja Ronn has also served as director of both The Oakland Interfaith Youth and California State University East Bay Gospel choirs.

One of example of Ja Ronn’s most notable achievements includes leading the San Francisco State University Gospel Choir in their performance at Verizon’s 2012 “How Sweet The Sound” event, in front of a sold-out crowd at Los Angeles’s infamous Staples Center, achieving the high rank of second place within the West Coast Region. He also directed Ja Ronn & FLOW, after having been asked to perform at the wedding of acclaimed filmmaker and producer George Lucas, at his private residence at Skywalker Ranch (Nicasio, CA) in 2013.

Ja Ronn has served as a music instructor with LEAP, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco dedicated to bringing visual and performing arts to classrooms around the Bay Area, the SF Arts Ed, Stagebridge Senior Chorus, and Oakland Youth Chorus.

Ja Ronn has strived to “sing with passion and with no fear”, a message that he adamantly instills in his students and peers.  He is devoted to true foundational teaching and encouraging growth, in an effort to help all individuals understand where their passion and gifts comes from.

“My ultimate goal is to make the world a better place through God’s gift of music.”

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